Family Doctor Dr. Ruttens

Huisarts Ruttens H.
All round family doctor and “jeugdarts” (master) with extensive experience. Agreement adopted doctor of defense.


Nurse Eva Speltdoorn

Verpleegkundige Eva Speltdoorn

You can come to nurse Eva for blood sampling, vaccinations, injections, wound care, suture removal, wart freezing, ECG. Fasted bloodsample is 4 hours of fasting, only water or black coffee allowed.

I also provide coaching and lifestyle advice and do follow-up for diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, obesity, burnout, stop smoking sessions, asthma/COPD, social problems.

If you need home care, please always call us on 016/ 400 456 choice 2. For all other matters, call me in the afternoon.

After schooltime, I do under supervision the children’s consultation.

Psychologist Ines Blagovic Nyanama

Psycholoog Ines Blagovic Nyanama

Independent psychologist, also for patients not affiliated with the general practice.

Stressful life situations, self-image, work, relationships, (unfulfilled) desire for children, birth.

Individual (65euro/hour) or for couples (95euro/1,5 hour) in Dutch, English or Slovenian.