What can your doctor do for you?

  • All common medical issues for which you normally go to your General Practitioner.
  • Sudden infectious diseases with fever or pain, adults and children.
  • The removal of warts and small skin lesions using a cryopen. This cryotherapy can be done during an ordinary consultation on any working day.
  • Smears. Taking a smear is done during a consultation of 15 minutes which is only intended for the smear. You will receive reimbursement from your health insurance once every three calendar years. If something was wrong with a smear, then more often reimbursement is possible. In case you need other care, please make an appointment on another day.
  • Taking a sample for STD-testing.
  • Gynecological problems.
  • Follow-up of your pregnancy. This is done in collaboration with your gynecologist. At your first pregnancy consultation with us, you will receive a schedule that states which consultations should be made with the gynecologist and which consultations can be done with your General Practitioner.
  • 7th day examination of your newborn baby.
  • Vaccinations and travel-advice.
  • Collection of blood samples and follow-up of medical problems.
  • ECG-testing, the so-called ‘film of the heart’. We are specially equipped in our practice for the ECG-testing. ECG’s can be taken quickly and smoothly.
  • Plaster. We will schedule this special intervention together at the end of the consultation.
  • Small surgical procedures such as cutting away a skin spot or skin tag. We will schedule this special intervention together in the agenda at the end of the consultation.

Note: As from the approval for “forfaitaire geneeskunde” (scheduled sometime in the first half of 2024), the care and technical services provided by our “medisch huis” will become free of charge except for lab tests (the lab will send you a bill payable by you). Basic vaccines such as tetanus are available in the practice and are free of charge. Travel vaccines, however, you have to go and get them yourself and pay for them yourself at your pharmacy as well as your medicines.