Why do I need a referral letter, also for my child?

For every new problem you should have a referral letter if you go to the specialist doctor. Your specialist can treat you better if he or she has all relevant information that can influence his or her decisions.

Without a referral letter, something might be missed or an examination might be unnecessarily done twice. In some cases, the specialist fee is also lower when you have a referral letter. In addition, the specialist is only obliged to write an examination report if you bring a referral letter with you.

Sometimes you mistakenly think you need a specialist doctor, instead you can be helped by your General Practitioner. Examples are the 3-yearly smear and also all ordinary health conditions in children.

Pediatricians are trained for complex pathology, pathology for which children must stay in the hospital. Your GP is the best placed person to treat ordinary health issues with children. This gives the pediatrician more time for those children who really need his or her attention. If I refer your child urgently to the pediatrician, you might be given priority in the hospital.