About me

Since I can remember I have been passionate about people’s stories. I would listen, observe and try to create different scenarios in my head about what might have influenced a certain behavior or a certain emotion. It is no surprise that my life path led me to become a psychologist. Now that passion is my job. I get to be a listening ear to your story and hopefully be that support you need at the stage of your life you are at the moment. Communication with others and with oneself is, in my opinion, the basis of personal growth, which is why I place great emphasis on this in my work. My mission is the development of human potential, because I believe that everyone has the potential for personal growth and the potential to achieve the changes they want and improve their quality of life.

Over the years, I have accumulated new knowledge and experiences in a wide variety of fields. I had opportunities in practice to deepen my understanding of psychology while working with the most diverse groups of people; from work survivors of violence, migrants, homeless population and young parents and professionals.

Where can I support you in?

• Stressful life situations (illness, death of loved ones, divorce, bereavement, loss of job…)

• Dissatisfaction with oneself, low self-esteem

• Excessive workload and stress

• Difficult and conflictual relationships at home, at work, among loved ones

• Uncertainty before important decisions (career decisions, directing one’s own life)

• Preparation for childbirth and after childbirth, problems with infertility…

How does it work?

Together with the client, we consider the given situation from different angles, formulate goals and choose methods that will help achieve the set goal. It is therefore a matter of consciously making decisions for changes in the direction of personal growth.

Unlike psychotherapy, the process of psychological counseling is shorter and less in-depth.

Counseling normally takes place once a week or by agreement.  Depending on your wishes we can adjust the number of meeting if necessary.

The counseling cycle includes an introductory interview and a professional consultation within the framework of the following meetings.

The final meeting is followed by an evaluation of the consulting process.

Are you not sure if counselling is for you?

Adversities are a normal part of our lives. They increase during major life events or changes, and we react to them very differently. Psychological counseling means help in adapting to current life situations. Therefore counselling is suitable for anyone who wants or needs changes, wants to work on themselves and is ready for active cooperation can join the counseling process.