Helena roadmap.

Helena is a personal letterbox. Your doctor can put documents in it, for example prescriptions. It is free. What you need is a digital key to get in.

Easiest way: use your itsme® digital key or your ID card and ID-PIN with your card reader and PC or laptop. https://helena.care

Don’t have any of these? Then you need to follow the step-by-step road map very carefully. First read EVERYTHING and copy it if necessary (or print screen), and already come up with a 6-digit password. Keep this a secret, just like you keep your 4-digit code from your bank card secret.


ACTIVATION code: code that you get from your doctor. It consists of a mix of 6 small letters with numbers, no capital letters. Attention: this code has a limited validity in time and can only be used once. Delete it after its single use.

VERIFICATION code: code that will be sent to you by sms text message. It consists of 6 digits. Attention: this code also has a limited validity in time and can only be used once. Delete it after its single use.

Your own invented SECRET code, 6 digit PIN that only you know. This is your future password. Remember it well and keep it a secret.

Do not mix these codes, otherwise you will enter wrong numbers and you will block the system.


STEP 1: Go to https://passport.helena.care

STEP 2: Enter the E-MAIL that you have given to your doctor, so remember which. Enter the ACTIVATION code. Continue. Cross out that activation code on your piece of paper.

STEP 3: You will receive an sms text message with the 6 digit VERIFICATION code. Enter this code. Continue. Delete the text message.

STEP 4: Enter your own invented SECRET 6-digit code. You do this a second time on the 2nd line to confirm your password. You will get a new screen. Remember this own invented code well, it will be a piece of your future digital key. Continue.

STEP 5: In this screen you have to accept the terms of use at the bottom of the screen. At the top is a banner that tells you to check your email too. Leave the banner for a while, accept the terms of use and you can continue, now you are in your Helena letterbox. Leave your Helena letterbox untouched for now. Leave your Helena letterbox open. Meanwhile, first do step 6.

STEP 6: Open a new window in your browser to go to your e-mail. Open the e-mail from Helena* and click in the mail on the button “CONFIRM your E-MAIL address”. This will bring you to again to a new screen, but the only thing you do is close this last screen (otherwise you will start the login procedure again and then you are very likely to block everything). Also close the window of your e-mail. Now, only the window of your Helena letterbox is open and now you can remove the banner at the top of your screen, you no longer need it.

* Attention: sometimes you will immediately find several emails from Helena in your e-mail inbox. These are e-mails to announce that your doctor has dropped something in your Helena mailbox. Do not confuse these e-mails with the e-mail you need to confirm your e-mail address.


All good? Congratulations, you have created a personal digital key called Helena. Next time you can use it again to enter your Helena letterbox. The prescriptions, print them, or let the pharmacist scan them on your mobile. Attestations can be forwarded to your employer or mutuality.

Blocked? Your doctor can help you with a new activation code, but you have to call me again and this does not always work. Itsme® or ID with ID-PIN and card reader always works (account herstellen). Once in your letterbox you can reset your password at the top right.

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