Do you urgently need medical help during the opening hours?

Obviously you first look by yourself in my online agenda to see if there is a “slot” available soon. Click on the red button ‘BOOK AN APPOINTMENT’ and have a look in the online agenda.

Are you worried that your illness really cannot wait until the next free time slot, then contact me by phone on number  016/400 456.

Maybe I can help you out with some advice until I can see you. Maybe I can open a time slot for you which is currently closed, after all, not all slots are always visible to patients and some things such as meetings, mandatory refresher courses, administration, etc., can sometimes be moved to later. Maybe I want to see you very urgently and the other patient will have to wait. Maybe it’s better that I refer you straight away to the hospital and in meantime I can inform them that you are coming. Call me and together we will search for a solution.