Results of blood tests and results of radiological examination.

Information about the results of your blood tests and radiological tests which were requested by me, I ask you explicitly not to call me for this, I will call you.

This is a much more logical way of working. After all, as a patient you can not know when the results become available. This depends, among other things, on the nature of the tests. Some results come in quite quickly while it sometimes takes days or weeks before other results become available. In some cases I need to request additional tests on the same blood sample. It also happens regularly that all the blood results do not all become available at the same time. 

Because I call you, I can choose a moment that I am not busy with somebody else. So nobody will listen when I communicate you the results. For the sake of convenience it is necessary that you pick up your phone or mobile phone (pay attention, I always call with a private number). For the sake of professional secrecy, I may only record a message on your voicemail if you have at least your first name recorded on it. So make sure that I can identify you on your voicemail. In the event that I can’t identify you, I will not record anything on your voicemail and you will wait in vain, furthermore I will have to keep calling you until you answer your phone. After a number of attempts, I obviously stop. 

If extensive debriefing is required, I will ask you to come to consultation. Patients who have had an HIV-test will have to come to consultation, a week after the blood sample has been taken to get the result, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.